Company History

Company History

DrugSource, Inc. was founded in 1994 as a professionally licensed mail order pharmacy. DrugSource worked in a number of different markets with Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Third Party Administrators to provide a tailored approach in supplying customer service and shipping pharmaceuticals to patients across the country.

Utilizing this experience and knowledge, the DrugSource team developed an innovative program in the early 2000’s to promote the use of FSA/HSA dollars to purchase and ship covered Over-the-Counter products, while providing benefit administrative assistance to our clients.

This program paved the way for DrugSource’s entry into the OTC Benefit Management arena where, since 2008, DrugSource has been providing OTC Benefit Management services to Medicare Advantage, MMP, Medicaid and Supplements benefit programs throughout the country.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

We understand that protecting client and membership data is extremely paramount to the success of a program. Maintaining our HITRUST certification showcases our continued commitment to the protection of your valuable information through many data security components.

✔ Contracted with a HITRUST certified data center located in the United States for the storage of data

✔ Several redundancies of critical system components, including back-up system testing

✔ Secure transmission and storage protection of data; data retention policies and procedures implemented

✔ Access and environmental protection controls based on roles and responsibilities

✔ Annual audits of implemented policies and procedures conducted by an external party, including application and network penetration testing

✔ Annual review and implementation of Risk Assessments and Security Incident Response plans

✔ Due diligence evaluations performed on all external vendors

✔ Annual Training for all workforce on HIPAA and HITECH

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

DrugSource continuously strives to monitor the quality of the services it provides to its clients and their membership. From the review of the effectiveness of its policies and procedures to consistently improving its workflow and operations, our methods deliver the ASSURANCE of QUALITY to each of our valued customers.

Our Quality Assurance Committee focuses on improving areas of our operations through:

✔ Implementation of Quality Improvement Projects

✔ Benchmarking and trending performance standards, including Satisfaction and Phone Performance metric reporting (based on CMS standards)

✔ Monitoring of phone calls based on certain scripted criteria to ensure quality and accuracy of relayed information to member

✔ Use of technologies including barcode verification and electronic import of member’s information

✔ Calculation, review and resolution of Grievances