Client Services

Client Services

✔ All services performed in one centrally located distribution center

✔ Inhouse Call Center exceeds CMS standards

✔ Detailed Call Center metrics provided

✔ Product catalog customized to client specification

✔ Pharmacist available for client and member consultation

✔ Guided implementation plan

✔ Workforce with an average of 11 years pharmaceutical experience.

✔ Commitment to data security

✔ Dedicated client representative to handle your unique needs

✔ Customized benefit solutions

✔ Our goal is to exceed your expectations

Member Experience

Member Experience

✔ Customized client website with 508 capabilities

✔ Members have hundreds of branded and generic items to choose from

✔ Experienced member advocates with an average of 11 years pharmaceutical experience

✔ Pharmacist available for consultation

✔ Call answer times exceed CMS requirements

✔ Bilingual staff of call center agents

✔ Translation services available

✔ Convenient member access to benefits via online, fax, phone, mail

✔ Real time product availability

✔ Our goal is to exceed expectations

Distribution Center

Distribution Center

✔ Orders are shipped from our centrally located fulfillment center

✔ High quality packing on every order

✔ Capability to track each order

✔ Orders are shipped via UPS and USPS

✔ All packages are shipped with delivery confirmation

✔ Email confirmation of order receipt and fulfillment

✔ Discreet packaging

✔ Customized software allows for accounting and inventory management

✔ Error resolution