Over the Counter Program

Services Provided

Development of a web-based, enhanced ordering system to allow for the shipment of non-prescription items with the use of an eligibility file and dedicated formulary of items recommended from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

Population Served

Medicare Advantage, Special Needs Plans, Medicaid, MMP

Organizational Oversight

Program shall be governed by the Chief Executive Officer, Pharmacist-In-Charge, Chief Operating Officer and Compliance Officer, with the assistance of Over the Counter Supervisors.

All activities and processes of program shall be reviewed by the Quality Improvement Committee.


DrugSource over the counter program shall adhere to the regulations of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

Reporting Requirements

DrugSource shall produce phone reports (information located under “Call Center”).

DrugSource shall provide necessary reports to groups, by request.

DrugSource shall report on Internal and External Errors and Complaints.


Customer Service Hours:
Monday – Friday
8:30am – 10pm CST

Pharmacist Available
- 8:30am to 10pm CST
- Emergency line 24/7

Call Center

Enhanced call center will distribute calls into various queues. Phone system shall provide reports on all incoming calls (based on queue):

- Presented Calls
- Calls answered
- Average call duration
- Average time to answer
- Calls abandoned
- Average Abandon time
- Service Level

OTC calls are dispersed to queues by group and
answered by all customer service representatives.

Varies on group

Member may call toll free number provided by group to:

- Place an over the counter order
- Track a package
- Report a complaint
- Speak to a Pharmacist regarding possible interactions between medications and over the counter items

Website varies on group

Enhanced website for each group is developed. Eligibility and program information is set within a defined scope. Formulary is also defined.

DrugSource customer service representative may place order via admin portion of the website for the member.

Member shall receive information via program materials on how to place orders on website.


Members may mail orders to DrugSource, if applicable, for processing.


Members may fax orders to DrugSource for processing.



Orders are processed and printed.

Orders are then picked by OTC Clerk and verified using barcode technology to complete the order.


Orders are packaged in discrete, corrugated boxes.

Orders are shipped by US Mail or UPS with delivery confirmation. Signature required is available, based on group recommendation.